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Built-in Mold Detector
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I have my own personal mold exposure story. I was living in a tiny backyard house in which the shower was an extension of the bedroom and everyday the humidity would accumulate in the bedroom, causing mold to grow in my stored away warm clothing. I began to develop a mysterious allergy that would cause my nose to run like crazy and my wife would take turns with me sneezing and blowing our noses finishing a couple boxes of Kleenex per week. I figured that we must be allergic to the stray cats that lived around our house because the allergy was always worse at home.

At that time I was being trained by Dr. Matt Van Benschoten in mold detection utilizing the emissions of light from the acupuncture points, known as biophotons. Utilizing this system combined with the pharmacological application of Chinese herbs I was able to begin to detect mold exposure in several patients and treat them with mold-eliminating, mycotoxin-clearing herbal formulas with good success. Nevertheless, the mold problem that I literally had right under my nose continued to elude me.

Then one day I went to an all-day workshop and dug out a sweater to wear and my nose started to run and did not stop the whole day. I suspected that there could be mold in the clothes but I was so involved with my own patients that I didn’t investigate further. Then when we decided to move out of that house a few months later we spent our last night packing, which triggered an allergy volcano to erupt in both of us. We both began to sneeze incessantly with teary eyes and a swollen head accompanied by extreme irritability. It became apparent that the warm clothes were mold infested because they had a mildewy smell to them and produced a stinging sensation in the nose when sniffed. We both developed mold detectors in our noses producing immediate stinging followed by sneezing if exposed to mold and we had to wash all of our clothes 3 times with vinegar, bleach, and detergent, to finally “switch off” our nasal mold detectors.

I prepared us both Chinese herbal formulas to kill off the mold that had migrated to our nasal passages, sinuses, and lungs and inhibit the histamine production and allergic response to the mold and the allergies shortly disappeared in both of us. However, a few months later we moved into a house that had black mold lining the wooden boards of the ceiling that appeared to be natural wood staining. The first night that I slept there, I woke up in the morning with cold like symptoms and a tremendous headache. Not again!!!

I inspected the ceiling closely with a ladder and found that what looked like wood stain was furry in texture, removable with a brush and bleach, and produced violent sneezing reactions upon proximity. I spent two whole days diligently cleaning up as much of the black mold as I could with a mask because I had already treated several patients with black mold exposure and knew how severe the neurological repercussions could be. We began taking anti mold herbs with mycotoxin inhibiting functions and immediately began looking for another place and moved out in the first month. Whew!

Luckily because of our first mold exposure to the allergy producing non-neurotoxic type of mold, our immune systems became hypersensitive to mold in general so that when we were exposed to the more dangerous black neurotoxic mold, we had an immediate alarm go off that lead us to identify it sooner, treat it with herbs, and move out ASAP.


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