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Black Mold Sends Family To Motel For Two Years

Black Mold Sends Family To Motel For Two Years

This is another sad story of a couple suffering from neurological symptoms of black mold in their house from several types of mold including Stachobotrys Chartarum. One of the symptoms of black mold exposure is the psychological imbalance reflected in the demeanor of mold survivor, Elizabeth Churchman in her interview.

Faced with the tragedy of losing all their belongings to mold, this couple is forced to return to the toxic house for their possessions where their black mold symptoms are reactivated.


  1. I know all about Toxic Mold.The losses,sickness and heart break. I worked in an environment for more than 7 years. I have since lost my job because I tried to expose the mold.I have been very sick since then and also my 3 cats. Two have since died and the other is still sick.It is very hard to find a Dr. who tests and treats for mold illness and also veterinarians who understand the dangers. Since then I have lost almost everything I owned for fear I would take the mold with me.I understand how Mr.and Mrs. Churchman feel. I have lived this story for 10 years. No one can imagine the pain and suffering
    that mold causes in ones life.It really does affect every area of your world and everything you love and hold dearly. I wish that I could help this family, but I myself am sick and no longer able to work. I can only offer them my prayers and support.I will bookmark this story and in the future if I can help them I will. It is very hard to recover from such a tragedy. It has devastated my life too. Mrs. Churchman spoke about missing her bed and unable to sleep in it. Well I don’t even have a bed, I’m sleeping on the floor. I now am aware of small blessings, such as having a bed to sleep in. My heart hurts for them. God blees you. Hugs, Wanda

  2. I’m so very sorry. I will pray for both of you. I totally understand how difficult it is to loose everything. Lord protect you both and keep you safe from further harm.


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