Sen. Mark Warner: This Is No Way To Treat Military Families


Over 60 military families poisoned by toxic black mold on a US naval base fight for their health against the corporate giant, Lincoln Military Housing. You can see the desperation in the faces of these mold victims including one grandmother whose fungal sinusitis manifests as pronounced dark circles under her eyes. The owner of Lincoln Military Housing, Jarl Bliss, when shown photos of mold infestation in several of his homes avoids taking responsibility by saying, ?I don?t want to speculate on this.?

In this video you can understand why it is so important to have a third party independent mold inspector, that is not contracted by the property owner, do the inspection to avoid false results fabricated to save the owner thousands of dollars in litigation.

Sen. Warner checks back in with military families about mold

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Unfortunately, the military family’s problems didn’t end there – see this latest news report for more on this story…


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