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New York Residents Fight Against Black Mold

New York Residents Fight Against Black Mold

This is an all too common story about an apartment complex infested by toxic black mold.

Asthma and headaches are the first symptoms that develop with early exposure and then with time the mold can trigger autoimmune responses leading to thyroid problems.

One of the residents had surgery to remove an aspergilloma (a ball of fungus caused by colonization of the lungs by the mold Aspergillus).


    • This website is dedicated to helping those with black mold exposure identify the symptoms of black mold toxicity in the body and take action to regain their health. I am not a lawyer but rather a health care practitioner so, unfortunately, I cannot help in your legal case but if you would like to be mold free you can read my free report and follow the protocol outlined in the report.

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