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There’s No Mold In This House!

There’s No Mold In This House!
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KG, a wellness coach and mother came in to see me at my office in Tepoztlan, Mexico complaining of the following chronic symptoms:

Chronic nausea, indigestion, and abdominal discomfort, fatigue, muscle aches and weakness, poor memory and concentration, tingling in the arms and legs, anxiety and mood swings, chest tightness and shortness of breath, and a generalized toxic feeling in her body.

I prescribed her a formula for harmonizing her digestion and she felt some improvement but still continued to have many of the same symptoms.

She organized a medical trip for me to visit her house in Dallas and give consultations to her and her friends with health issues and when I arrived I observed that there was a river running just behind her house and lots of humidity in the air. I asked her if she had observed any mold anywhere in the house and her reply was no. However, she had noticed that whenever she smelled the air coming from a vent in her bedroom connected to an old ventilation system no longer in use she would immediately feel nausea, tingling, anxiety, and a toxic feeling in her muscles.

I highly suspected mold exposure and asked her to find out where this vent led to so she asked her husband, a MD gynecologist, who replied simply “There’s no mold in this house!” and was offended that I, a guest in their house, would even suggest this. But she insisted that she felt worse whenever she was at home and especially after sniffing the foul odor coming from the old vent and finally got her husband to promise to investigate the possibility of hidden mold somewhere in the house. He used the blueprint of the house to find out the source of the mysterious smell, which he traced to the cellar wall that was covered in black mold and the vent led right from the cellar to the master bedroom.

I prescribed her a formula of anti mold herbs specifically for the black molds Aspergillus Niger and Stachybotrys and mycotoxin inhibiting herbs. I also strongly suggested that she leave her house for a few days until the mold infestation could be remediated. She felt more toxic with flu like symptoms for the first day until I had her drink 3 liters of water per day and the detox symptoms dissipated and she began to feel like herself for the first time in 3 years. The nausea disappeared, her energy returned, her breathing deepened and relaxed, and her neurological symptoms caused by the black mold neurotoxins such as muscle weakness, tingling, mood swings, foggy headedness, and anxiety dissipated.

Within a month she was symptom free and filled with enthusiasm to help others in similar situations with their health as a wellness coach. Her husband learned the lesson that mold does not discriminate based on class and can be a serious health hazard for the poor and rich alike.


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