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Mold allergies? it runs in the family

Mold allergies? it runs in the family
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I began seeing the CM family in April of 2007 when CC, a 49 year old mother arrived to my office with her 3 daughters of 12, 17, and 20 years and her son of 24 years. They had all been suffering from allergies for many years with frequent respiratory infections.

The one with the most severe symptoms was the 24 year-old son who for the last 10 years had had severe allergy symptoms such as sinus headaches, chronic cough, nasal congestion, sneezing, phlegm stuck in his throat, eye irritation, shortness of breath, ear congestion, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, poor concentration, and insomnia. I asked him about his living conditions and he told me that there was a lot of humidity in the house especially in his bedroom. I detected that he had a major infestation of mold in his lungs, sinuses, ear canals, and nasal passages, which was triggering an allergic response from his immune system and producing mycotoxins that affected his mental focus and sleep patterns. I prescribed him a formula to eliminate the mold, clear out the mycotoxins, and alleviate the allergies.

Once I had made the mold diagnosis in the son I already knew what was causing the allergies in the rest of the family. The 20 year-old daughter had dizziness, runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, itchy throat, itchy face, fatigue, and white phlegm in her throat. She had been to the hospital 6 months before for severe allergies and received an injection of cortisone. She had been ok when traveling in Argentina but her allergies came back immediately upon returning home and she had noticed some black mold in the ceiling of her bathroom. I detected mold in her nasal passages, sinuses, and ear canals triggering the allergy and gave her herbs to kill the mold and relieve the allergies.

The 17 year-old daughter was suffering from constant sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, and a cough with clear mucus. She caught colds very frequently and snored loudly at night. I found that she had a cold virus in her nasal passages as well as an older mold infection in her sinuses causing immuno-suppression making her susceptible to viral infections and gave her a formula to expel the virus, clear out the mold and alleviate the allergies.

The 12 year-old daughter in addition to having sinus headaches, nosebleeds, and ear congestion also had painful urination, as well as an extreme fear of ghosts, insomnia, and an inability to sleep by herself. I found that she had the black mold in her sinuses producing neurotoxins that were affecting her brain causing the paranoia and insomnia. I also found that she had a concurrent urinary tract infection due to the immuno suppressive effect of the black mold and prescribed her herbs to eliminate the mold and the urinary tract bacteria and neutralize the mycotoxins, as well as calming herbs to help her to fall asleep at night.

The mother had not planned on having a consultation herself but she revealed that both her and her husband had also been sneezing and using up the Kleenex just as much as her kids so I put together a formula for her and her husband to eliminate mold and calm allergies. I gave them all instructions on how to clean up the mold in their house with an antifungal spray wearing a mask and how to prevent mold formation by ventilating humid areas and using a dehumidifier.

By the 1st follow up visit two months later all of the family members had improved significantly with all of their symptoms and I continued to see the oldest son for about a year because he had the highest amount of mold in his respiratory system due to where is bedroom was located. After a year of taking the herbs regularly he was completely free of all allergy symptoms for three years without any herbs. When the allergies did return years later, they were much less severe and eliminated by just one prescription of herbs.

I saw the youngest daughter for a consultation five years later and she had been fine for many years until eventually her allergy symptoms and fear of sleeping alone returned as the mold had grown once again in the house and I prescribed her an anti mold, allergy relieving formula which did the trick once again. I explained seriously to the mother this time that they should really consider selling or renting their house and moving into a house with no humidity in order to resolve the problem once and for all since they were all highly sensitive to mold and she said she would consider it.


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