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Black mold art? there’s something fishy going on!

Black mold art? there’s something fishy going on!

A 27 year-old French artist was visiting Mexico for 3 months through a cultural exchange program and came in to see me at my office in Tepoztlan April 12th, 2012. She was very fragile and emotional and was on the verge of tears or crying throughout the entire consultation. She had been suffering periodically for 2 years from:

  • Vertigo that had been constant for one month
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks in which she had lost her vision entirely at times
  • Numbness and tingling in her chest and arms
  • Shortness of breath
  • Poor concentration and memory
  • Jaw clenching at night
  • Gas and belching with foul odor
  • Loose stool
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Nausea

She had been feeling better up until a month ago when she resumed taking birth control pills, which she had not taken for 8 months and her symptoms came back aggressively. However, I knew that there must be some other underlying factor that the birth control pills exacerbated because her symptoms were too severe and widespread to be explained by hormonal imbalance alone. I asked her if she had ever been exposed to mold in her life and she revealed that she had lived in a house full of black mold for 1 year 2 years ago at the same time that her symptoms had begun and that she had suffered from asthma in that house.

She went on to tell me that she had painted several self-portraits in which she had depicted herself holding a large rotten fish oozing a cloud of black mold around her (see photo). Although she did not consciously make the link between living in that house with the black mold and her sickness, her subconscious, it seems, was sending a message through her artwork that black mold was truly the culprit. The fish was most likely a symbol of humidity and dampness that had created the conditions for the growth of the black mold, which she depicted in the painting occupying her entire chest.

I detected using biophoton kinesiology that she had a major black mold infection in the lower lobes of her lungs causing the shortness of breath as well as in her sinuses and auditory tubes causing the vertigo. I found that the black mold she had was producing mycotoxins that were causing neurotoxicity in her brain and nervous system leading to the anxiety and mood disorders, poor concentration and memory, and tingling and numbness. I found that she also had a parasitic giardia infection from the food in Mexico causing the gas, belching, bloating, loose stool, and nausea and I prescribed her a Chinese herbal formula with eclipta, galanga, coptis, and areca seed for eradicating the giardia and artemesia, licorice, curcuma longa, acorus, and schizandra for eliminating the mold and neutralizing the mycotoxins.

When she returned a week later before her flight the next day to Paris the vertigo, anxiety, and tingling in the chest had almost completely disappeared and the diarrhea, nausea, and belching with foul odor were totally gone. However, she still had the poor concentration, memory loss, jaw clenching, gas and bloating. I found that the black mold in her lungs and sinuses had reduced by 40% and the mycotoxin levels in her nervous system had also dropped by about 40%. The giardia was 60% cleared so I made her two formulas to take back to France; one to address the giardia and black mold exposure simultaneously and the other to just focus on clearing the black mold out of her body, neutralizing the mycotoxins, and rejuvenating her nervous system.

My prognosis was that she should be 100% within three months of continuous herbal therapy so I made her 6 bottles of powder to take back with her and I eagerly await news of her progress.


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