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Black Mold and How it Affects your Body

An excellent depiction of how toxic black mold infests a house, sends its spores into the air and then makes its way through the respiratory tract of the resident to the blood stream to...

Life Cycle of Stachybotrys Chartarum

An amazing visual representation of the growth and development of the toxic black mold Stachybotrys Chartarum from its spore stage to its mature spore releasing stage.
Closeup of Mold

How to Spot and Prevent Black Mold

Mold generally grows in damp places. Those growing inside homes can cause symptoms of mold sickness to the occupants, as many of them are toxic molds. Homeowners should be very vigilant and look out...
Mold Growing Behind The Couch

How to Protect Your Home from Black Mold

The six-fold increase in asthma in children over the last decade has been attributed to worsening indoor air quality. The main cause of poor indoor air quality is mold infestation, which causes immune reactions...
Stachybotrys (Black Mold)

What is Toxic Mold?

Mold and fungi are some of the most common life forms on our planet. Fed by humidity and darkness, mold can grow on any substance such as walls, shower curtains, wooden shelves, clothing, bathroom...

Cofe Fiakpui

Cofe Fiakpui obtained his Masters Degree from?Yo San University, maintaining a GPA of 3.82 while also serving as a tutor and teacher?s assistant. He was one of only two students selected to complete an...